All Yurts are Engineered for Snow and Wind load.    For extreme weather areas we offer upgrades for

Big Wind,   Full Snow & Wind,   and  Winter Stout Alpine Yurts  with a center support.   (27ft. & 30ft. only)

All Yurts have 7ft. 2 inch walls to accommodate a 6ft. 8 inch x 3ft. door.   You can upgrade to French doors.

Basic Yurts come with 3 windows, but you can add up to 12 windows. There are many window upgrade options.

There are 16 Wall colors to choose from.  - We provide Plans for your Floor and Deck

                Step 1 -Choose the size Yurt you want

                      Step 2 - Choose your upgrades 

                            Step 3 - Choose your Options & Accessories

Save and print the price list.

 Write the  quantity and price of your choices in the right hand column.

                                                                                    Call with questions. - 970-560-1884  

Our sales Tax rate is only 2.9%  - You save money by ordering through us.